Customer Relations Matter After the Sale, Too

Too many clients want our help with getting new customers in the door but not afterwards…and we think that’s a pity. The work you do after the sale is so important to the full-circle relationships we should all be building with our customers.

Here’s one company doing it right, Maple Hill Auto Group. Last month we purchased another vehicle there (our third in about 10 years) and just as in our previous two purchases, a predictable but pleasant set of communications occurred: First, we received a phone call (actually a voicemail because we weren’t home at the time) asking if we were satisfied with our purchase. When we forgot to call back, that didn’t deter Maple Hill from really wanting to know how we felt about the purchase. In the mail a week later came a postcard asking questions like, “Did the salesperson call you after the sale?” and “Anything else we could do better next time?”

I gladly filled it out and popped it in the mail, made easy since it was pre-stamped. Classy. Smart. Such an easy post-sale marketing strategy to incorporate and relatively inexpensive. If I guess right, they use the feedback to make internal corrections and to assess overall customer satisfaction. Happy customers lead to repeat customers and word of mouth advertising. Dissatisfied customers lead to a dried-up pipeline in more ways than one.

WHAT DO YOUR CUSTOMERS WISH THEY COULD TELL YOU BUT DON’T KNOW HOW? The ‘K” in our 12-month custom marketing-strategy program, PACK, stands for “Keep,” as in ways to keep your target audience coming back time and again through methods just like Maple Hill Auto is using to give their customers a feedback method and to learn from them. Interested? Ask us about it—we’d be happy to show you how.


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