Could PR be the advertising you've been looking for?

You may want to sit down for this: We believe PR is the most important aspect of your marketing strategy. More important than advertising.

Yes, we really did just say that. If you’re stoked, annoyed, or confused, hang in there while we explain.

Our philosophy at elation360 is that strategic PR can engage hearts and earn customer loyalty by building trust in ways traditional advertising cannot. A funny TV commercial for refrigerated pie crust may get me to buy once. But a recipe contest that invites my participation and sends me a free recipe booklet just for entering gets me involved with the brand and earns my loyalty. A newspaper ad may have a punchy headline and a compelling offer. But a newspaper feature about the same product or company elevates its credibility in the marketplace. The next time I see the ad, I look at it differently—and I buy.

Al and Laura Ries describe it this way: “Advertising is incredible. Public relations is credible.”
At elation360, we want you to first be credible to your target audience. Then we work on making you incredible. Full-circle marketing.

In November 2005, advertising giant Proctor & Gamble completed a study of six of its global brands and concluded that PR was the most cost-effective means of generating sales. And in another study by Edelman Public Relations--its seventh annual Trust Barometer which tracked nearly 2,000 opinion leaders’ attitudes in 11 countries worldwide--media stories rated nine times more credible than advertisements.

We’ve used public relations techniques--media relations, special events, promotional DVDs and brochures, surveys, special memberships and more—to gain customer feedback and buy-in; manage public opinion by debunking myths and disseminating facts; and gain customer loyalty by letting them be part of the brand itself. From tiny non-profits like the Jericho Foundation to large enterprises like Pfizer, elation360 has helped to move hearts and minds (public relations) before asking them to buy or join (advertising). In many cases, PR has caused both to happen.

If you are launching a brand or if your brand needs a re-introduction or new understanding, put PR at the top of your list with guidance from elation360. You’ll see the difference.