Connect your service or product to a hot buzz topic

The new movie “Kalamazoo?”, (shot right here in our fair city) is opening in theatres this month, and for local folks, PR opportunities abound. I saw two right off the bat and, coincidentally, they both have to do with sweets: Girl Scout cookies and Sweetwaters Donut Mill.

For the Girl Scouts council here, there’s an opportunity to capitalize on a comment made by Mrs. Goldman, Maggie’s neurotic mother, searching the cookie aisles in Harding’s Market. She laments that you can only buy Girl Scout cookies once a year, and she’s right. And guess what? Cookie sales are RIGHT NOW through April 30. The timing couldn’t be better for the Girl Scouts to take off on this. The Scouts could issue a fun release thanking the movie ‘Kalamazoo?’ for unintentionally kicking off its annual cookie sale and the location of sales booths. Or they could sponsor a call-in package with area radio stations, giving the winners tickets to the movie and a box of cookies.

Sweetwaters Donut Mill, pictured frequently in the film (it was one of the favorite high school hangouts for the two Kalamazoo-native sisters who wrote the film) should incorporate a “As Seen in Kalamazoo?” graphic in all their advertising. Or come up with a new donut called the Kalamazoo and market it during the movie’s run in town.

PR like this is fun and almost always free. Looking for free exposure for yourself? Look for the hottest thing going on in town—or the nation, or the world—and see if you can connect yourself. The media love current stories. If you have a good pitch, they’ll eat it up!

Update to this post:

Since this post, the Girl Scouts’ Pat Hanna tells me that they pursued these ideas, including another one we offered offline: contact Kalamazoo 10 Theatre management for some Girl Scout cookie-favored hype to audiences. It worked, and the cookie buzz is going on now at Kalamazoo 10. Also, Sweetwater’s marketing consultant Jim Coppinger wants to keep the buzz going about his client and has asked us to pass on the word that Oprah is asking for viewers to vote for their favorite glazed donut for an upcoming show.
Whose do you love, Kalamazoo? Let Oprah know