Ready, Fire, Aim?

You wouldn’t drive cross-country without a road map—you’d get lost, or go in the wrong direction, drive in circles, waste gas, and probably never reach your destination. The same is true for organizations that market without a strategy. If you want to build a forever relationship with your target buyer, you must know their habits, where they live and how old they are. You must know how to get their attention. You must know how to lure them in. And then, how to hold on to them forever. We call this full-circle marketing and it’s the core of what we do.

One way we help you do this is our marketing strategy program called PACK™ –a process that helps you Profile your ideal buyer, Attract their attention, Capture their heart, and Keep them coming back. The size of your organization and your unique needs and goals will define how long the process takes, but when it’s completed, you walk away with a one-year month-by-month strategy, including recommended strategies for branding, messaging, public relations, advertising creative and web to achieve a 360° relationship with every customer.

It’s the road map no smart organization should leave home without.

Or perhaps your organization handles most of its marketing in-house; you have an effective roadmap already. But one or more aspects of the plan aren’t working. The media mix isn’t delivering the calls for more information it once did. Customer retention has fallen dramatically. PR efforts could use a shot in the arm. The brand needs an overhaul. Sound like your situation? We’d love to help.

Full-circle marketing or select marketing needs: Tell us how we can best assist you.