Are you scoring ‘trustpoints’ with your customers?

One of our clients has just opened a wholesale carpet store in a forgotten section of town. While there’s nothing to love about his location or his storefront, there is something to love about his prices. How do you convince his target customer, women 25-54 who live for the next great deal and brag about them to their friends, that it’s safe to come ‘downtown’ and that his goods are high quality?

He has to score trustpoints.




Connect your service or product to a hot buzz topic

The new movie “Kalamazoo?”, (shot right here in our fair city) is opening in theatres this month, and for local folks, PR opportunities abound. I saw two right off the bat and, coincidentally, they both have to do with sweets: Girl Scout cookies and Sweetwaters Donut Mill.



How to make Google fall in love with your website

You may have heard a lot of talk lately about web standards, and wonder what it means for your business, Or you may not hang out with nerds. Either way they are more important than you may be aware.

Web standards are practices that ensure your website looks the same on any monitor of any computer, that your site is easy to use and navigate, and that people with special needs can use it. Not to mention one huge benefit—Google loves them.



For Better Branding Use Original Photography

Years ago, if you needed a shot of a man at his desk, or a mom interacting with her children, you’d hire models and a professional photographer and budget for a half- or full-day shoot, or buy the rights to existing images from a photographer’s portfolio at a hefty price for a limited usage period. Digital cameras and the Internet have changed all that. Now, quality stock photography is available online for as little as $1 an image, making it possible for designers to tell a better visual story in their print and web work than ever before.

A great solution—until you find out the guy down the street is telling the same story with the same photos.



Could PR be the advertising you've been looking for?

Our philosophy at elation360 is that strategic PR can engage hearts and earn customer loyalty by building trust in ways traditional advertising cannot. A funny TV commercial for refrigerated pie crust may get me to buy once. But a recipe contest that invites my participation and sends me a free recipe booklet just for entering gets me involved with the brand and earns my loyalty.


Ready, Fire, Aim!

You wouldn’t drive cross-country without a road map—you’d get lost, or go in the wrong direction, drive in circles, waste gas, and probably never reach your destination. The same is true for organizations that market without a strategy.