Are you scoring ‘trustpoints’ with your customers?

One of our clients has just opened a wholesale carpet store in a forgotten section of town. While there’s nothing to love about his location or his storefront, there is something to love about his prices. How do you convince his target customer, women 25-54 who live for the next great deal and brag about them to their friends, that it’s safe to come ‘downtown’ and that his goods are high quality?

He has to score trustpoints.

From getting rid of the coffee can serving as spittoon near the front door to cohesive signage with a retail vibe that explains the differences between carpet grades, we’ve helped him see and craft his environment through his customers’ eyes. These are trustpoints, the details that cause the buyer to say, “I made the right choice. I feel good. I’m glad I’m here.” The best advertising in the world may lure buyers once, but trustpoints will convince them to return again and again--and tell others in the process.

What trustpoints could you be you scoring with your customers? If you’re too close to know, ask your employees, your spouse, a trusted business associate, anyone who will give you an honest opinion of what it’s like to shop at your store or join your organization or visit your website. Better yet, ask your customers for feedback through an anonymous questionnaire or telephone discussion or focus group. Hand them an exit survey every time they make a purchase. People love to be asked their opinions.

By the way, our carpet client bought our PACK™ Plan, a program that, when completed, provides you with a ready-to-go marketing plan that includes information about your target buyer profile, and a 12-month plan for attracting and capturing your target buyer, and keeping them coming back. If you want to build trustpoints, consider PACK.